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First Nation and Yukon Government Consultation

The Government of Yukon received 15 requests for oil and gas rights located in the Eagle Plain and the Kandik oil and gas sedimentary basins.

The requests fall within the Dawson land use planning region as well as within the designated Integrated Management Areas of the North Yukon Land Use Plan, where applications for industrial land uses and other activities will be considered.

Please see the rights management maps and data page to review the Fall 2016 requests for posting location maps.

Consultation with affected First Nations and a review by government departments is being conducted and will be followed by a 60-day public review process.

Responsible oil and gas development

The Yukon government recognizes that a broad strategy is required to support oil and gas development in Yukon. As a result, we developed an action plan on the responsible development of oil and gas resources. The action plan is divided into four categories: engagement, First Nation relations, technical research and effective regulatory regime.

Every year, the Yukon government holds 2 Request for Posting processes for oil and gas dispositions.  

A Request for Posting is an opportunity for a company who is interested in oil and gas development to gain the sub-surface rights to drill for and produce the publicly owned oil and gas. Most companies want to obtain the disposition rights prior to starting exploration although seismic exploration can be licenced without subsurface rights.

Rights to oil and gas in Yukon are obtained through a three-step process. The oil and gas disposition process is initiated when industry nominates a parcel of land (a Request for Posting) to the Oil and Gas Resources branch. The Minister consults with affected First Nations and the Request for Posting then undergoes a 60-day public review, and finally a Call for Bids. The government posts the selected location for bid and may award the oil and gas rights to the company with the highest bid.

The legal framework for issuing and managing oil and gas rights falls under the Yukon Oil and Gas Act and the Oil and Gas Disposition Regulations. For more information, take a look at our information sheet and guidelines.

Yukon oil and gas rights disposition process  168 KB
Guidelines: Request for Posting (RFP)
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Liard Basin assessed as one of the largest shale gas resources in the world

The National Energy Board (NEB), the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission, the Yukon Geological Survey, the Northwest Territories Geological Survey and the British Columbia Ministry of Natural Gas Development today released the first detailed study estimating the marketable unconventional natural gas resources in the Liard Basin.

About Oil and Gas Resources

The Oil & Gas Resources branch is responsible for encouraging the exploration and responsible development of Yukon’s oil and gas resources.

We issue oil and gas rights, administer royalty revenues, and license and regulate industry activities.

Since 1997, the Yukon government and Yukon First Nations have worked together to coordinate the development of a common oil and gas legislative regime in Yukon.

We remain focused on how to best develop Yukon’s resources and also meet Yukon’s energy needs.